Interactive Troubleshooter

.  Other Technical Problems


. Important in general: Visual and Mechanical Inspection

. The water in my HHO device looks muddy

. I put the HHO into the intake manifold by T-ing into a vacuum line, I get an extreme increase in idling RPM

. What do I have to do to maintain the PCV Enhancer?

. I need to replace the glass balls in the PCV Enhancer. What can I use?

. My MAP Sensor Enhancer is not working

. Do I have enough HHO?

. How do I connect the MAP Sensor Enhancer?

. How do I connect a relay to prevent HHO production when engine is off?

. Jars go through water fast

. Wire inside the Electrolyzer corrodes too fast

. Fuel heater hose cracked, swollen or distorted

. My vehicle’s battery died, overheated, failed, etc.