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 What do I have to do to maintain the PCV Enhancer?

The Filter: The gases coming out of the crankcase may be hot, although I did not have any problems with mine in the past 2 years. The filter is too cheap to worry about ($6-11), so if it goes, it goes - replace it when it stops functioning. The filter element is made of Zinc and is estimated to last longer than the plastics, so you don't have to worry about replacing it. Just keep it clean by washing with alcohol from time to time (I'd say every 6 months).

The PCV Enhancer will fill up at a rate that is hard to predict; depending greatly on engine size and condition, and a LOT depends on the weather – at winter time more water will be condensed in it. Locating it in a warmer area (such as right behind the radiator) during winter driving will cause less water to be collected. It is recommended to empty it before it is half full, to allow enough air to circulate through the bowl..

Some parts may need to be replaced. As far as I've seen, Home Depot does not hold stock of replacement parts. For assistance with replacement parts call Husky at 1-800-543-6400. Hours of operation: Monday- Thursday 8am-5:30pm, Fri 8am-5pm, Eastern Time. I suspect that the Husky air filter may have been discontinued - refer to the parts list below for the latest alternatives. The part defined as "Inline Desiccant Dryer/Filter" replaces the Husky air filter. The alternative from Lowes is good too, and resembles the Husky filter in size and shape.

I doubt if the barb adapters will ever wear out, however they can be obtained from Home Depot, the plumbing department (barcode 04864307449-1, made by Watts - part number A-293) or from Husky (a bit more expensive but also good)

The glass balls may be replaced with any metal ball bearings. Preferably large, at least ¼" (6mm) in diameter. They may be copper plated etc, or even glass - all you need is something COLD to condense the water vapor passing through the bowl. Which means that cheap plastic beads or balls are not fit for the job, even if they look "metallic"!

Make sure to empty the bowl wash it and the glass/metal beads every 3 months, or when indicated (appears full of junk).

Refer to the photo on the right for a method to prevent leaks of junk and vacuum from the draining valve.

Glass Beads, 8 mm round (65 beads in each pack)
($0.61 per device)
Jo-Ann's Crafts. Part # 1967-31, barcode 65269539126-2
Inline Desiccant Dryer/Filter
Harbor Freight Tools, Item 94733-1VGA
Alternative -
USA >>>
Lowes -
model number KBA10600AV, Lowe's item # 221024.
3/8” Hose Barb Adapter
$1.92 each ($3.84 both)
Home Depot, Watts Part # A-293, barcode 04864307449-1
Bottom Cap
3/4” of vinyl tubing (3/8” OD barcode 048643025523 from Home Depot, Irrigation dept). Seal with glass bead or glue.

Great recycling idea for those old bearing balls: replace the glass beads with zero-cost metal balls: Take apart old ball bearings and use the metal balls. They are colder, and even when worn out will do a prefect job here. Almost any size is ok, I'd say all balls between 1/8" (3 mm) and 3/8" (10 mm) in diameter are good, and you can freely mix sizes!

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