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 Where to Find Very-Low-Cost Replacement Parts

.Insert the CD titled "Where to Get Very-Low-Cost Parts" into a personal computer. The parts list shown here (very partial view) will automatically appear on your screen after a few seconds. If it doesn't start after a minute or so (or in a Mac), open the CD from your file finder, find a file named PARTS_LIST.htm and click it.

It contains the complete "secrets" on how to obtain $53 worth of parts, to make a $500-$800 system. In fact, I was making and selling 5 systems a day ($497.00 each) from the corner of my small bedroom in North Hollywood, when the demand became too high for one man to satisfy. I then decided to release my complete manufacturing knowledge for your free use, no secrets held back.

This information took us several years and many $1000's to compile, test and refine. Especially, great care has been invested to create the optimal balance between shipping costs and buying locally, to create the very minimal bottom line of expense. The complete manufacturing knowledge has been revised and improved in 2009, and is now re-released as a complementary product with our instructional DVD's.

Use this knowledge to create a profitable business for yourself while helping 1000's of people and the environment - or upgrade your own fleet affordably. Pay no Royalty Fees - you get to keep all the money, so you can enjoy the full benefits of your savings and hard work!

NOTE: You can also find this list in the Water4Gas books.

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Written by: Ozzie Freedom