Interactive Troubleshooter

. Technical Questions and Problems

What is your problem?

. I lost my Water4Gas books

.. Mileage Not Improving

. The Electrolyzer Overheats

. The Water Freezes in Cold Weather

. How Do I Add or Refill Water?

. Water Level Goes Down Too Fast

. Bubbling and Hydrogen Production Issues

. Computer and Sensor Issues

. Fuse Keeps Blowing

. Power and Electrical Problems

. Other Technical Problems: Corrosion, Vacuum, etc.

. General Technical Notes

. Useful Resources



. Finding Very-Low-Cost Replacement Parts

. Water Fuel Parts, Systems, Installations

. Vehicle Diagrams, Diagnostics, Parts Locations:

. Definitions of Special Words and Terms

. Water4Gas Contact Information


This troubleshooter was created by Ozzie Freedom FOR THE ORIGINAL JAR SYSTEM as described in the Water4Gas books and Water4Gas DVD Set.

Copyright © 2016 Ozzie Freedom. All Rights Reserved.

My experimental Jetta with Water4Gas systems
My experimental VW Jetta with Water4Gas systems