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 I put the HHO into the intake manifold by T-ing into a vacuum line, I get an extreme increase in idling RPM. How do I fix this?

I would check your Electrolyzer for a leak or a hole in the lid. You may have given the vacuum an unrestricted flow of air. Look at the lid of your Electrolyzer when you start the car – you should see the lid of the jar concave noticeably with the vacuum (only if it's the white plastic type). If not, you have a leak somewhere. Also check your air inlet/bubbling adjuster. I use it very close to the fully closed position, so there is great vacuum in the device.

You WANT the vacuum - it helps HHO production greatly. When I turn the ignition switch on and watch the bubbles, as soon as I start the engine, the vacuum more than triples the amount of HHO being produced (estimated visually).

Also read vacuum leaks.

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Written by: Ozzie Freedom