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.  Computer and Sensor Issues


. How do I connect the MAP Sensor Enhancer?

. Computer/Sensor adjustment?

. MAP Sensor Enhancer is not working?

. My mileage didn't improve?.

. How does this work on a Diesel?

. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING THE ECU (COMPUTER) VS. EXPECTED MILEAGE: This is a major issue in the entire water-fuel industry, that requires the most attention and ingenuity. Making HHO is relatively easy, but it's the computer and sensor systems that give us the toughest opposition (against getting mileage and KEEPING it). The good news is that newer and better sensor enhancers and ECU tuners keep coming up all the time -- check for the latest offers. This is not said to minimize the importance and brilliance of George Wiseman's EFIE and Ozzie Freedom's MAP Sensor Enhancer, but to tell you that if those fail or are hard to tune, it's not the end of the road. The vehicle's computer is not a God from Heaven - it's just another stupid machine, and can definitely be put under control. READ MORE...