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 Can the battery overheat due to Electrolyzer use?

Not at these power consumption rates, absolutely not, because we're using very low power (roughly you could say, like the radio in your car). The reason is that we’re using the wire electrodes rather than plate electrodes, therefore the spiral creates a magnetic "vortex" (like a whirlpool of magnetic power lines) that assists water splitting; so we don't need as many Amps.

If you suspect that the battery drains too fast, check the Amps using a multi-meter. If the current is too great, check the system. Otherwise, you have a battery or alternator problem, nothing to do with the Hydrogen-on-demand system.

Check with your auto mechanic. The Water4Gas system takes small energy in comparison to other vehicle systems, and definitely less than most other hydrogen-on-demand systems.

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Written by: Ozzie Freedom